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May 9, 1997, Friday

I've decided: he that leaves his shop untended should glue his merchandise down.

Amy the Briggs (the girl who works in the Tokyo Rose) in the Dynashack kitchen.
Me in the Dynashack kitchen.
From left: Cory the Java Hut coffee cart girl in my room. In the background is her housemate named Kirsten.
Joanna the little-known Malvern Girl (left) and Theresa (right).
Monster Boy and his spiked hair.
Leticia in full war paint.

the party


heresa was one of the first people to show up once the first keg was tapped. She doesn't like beer, though. She had vino that she'd hidden in the kitchen's dryer.

It was clear that Theresa was already trashed. She was having trouble walking in a straight line, and for support she kept casting her arms out, most gothlike, to catch support. Often as not I was such a support. When she grabs human flesh, she uses her talons to assert her sadistic affection. I had her help me put on my speaker-bra, and she was so violent and unsubtle as she worked that it came apart once and had to be fixed. On a couple occasions later in the evening, after many others had arrived, she flew at me and grabbed me roughly, seemingly as an assertion of undying friendship. All such times she spilled my beer, sending me again to the back porch's keg line, which advanced glacially.

Yes, many others came to the party. Just about everyone I've mentioned of late was there. The band, however, never turned up. So the speakers in several residents' rooms were wired together in a house-wide network. The music was danceable techno mostly. Some people could be overheard calling the party a "rave."

Quite a few people had glowing raver toys, and one guy, Mike, the boyfriend of Liz the tanned and bleached alterna-chick, had been sprayed with the glowing contents of one. Housemate John's hair seemed to glow, but in fact it was filled with bright yellow household latex paint.

The Amy who works at the Tokyo Rose was around when I was running my videocamera. She seemed to be enjoying herself; she stayed a long time. The videotape I made was not particularly interesting, but I figured I could pillage it for still frames to illustrate this day. I thought I'd caught a wonderful drama of Persad storming into the kitchen to express his disgust with Theresa's drunkeness, but it didn't turn out. Amy had to deal with all of the weirdness that characterizes my social scene wrapped up into the one big taco known as Space Party II. At one point, Theresa grabbed Amy, spilling beer everywhere. Theresa was only trying to be friendly; she was trying to praise Amy's beauty. When she's drunk, Theresa becomes especially unsatisfied with her heterosexual life.

Matthew Hart (sans Leah?) came in from Waynesboro. He figured out how to get to the front of the beer line by coming up the porch steps from below.


airly late came the arrival Sara Poiron and Jessika, along with the two Malvernian boys, Schwam and Bri-Bri. They'd ridden in Schwam's black Audi. I don't recall much about their interactions with others at the party; by this point I was drunk and for some reason I didn't spend much time with them.

The keg of Killian Red that friends-of-the-house Jesse and Natalie had brought yesterday was tapped upstairs in John's room. It served the role of what is known in Fraternity House parties as "the brother keg," that is, the special keg of good beer reserved for the residents and their good friends. I didn't discover this until late, however. I spent most of the party downstairs.

Joanna, the little-known Malvern Girl, was unexpectedly friendly to me. But she'd been drinking tequila earlier today, you see.

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