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"Gus, your a faggit and I'm gona kik you're ass! We skins have pride!"


"I hate you! you are fucking stupid! What you say is just lies! I am not a nazi! I'm a nice person! I'm gonna kick you're ass!"

"Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!"

"Cock sucking faggut! We are much tuffer than you! We are organized, and we are stillish! We hang out on the mall all day doing better things than you, wasting you're life on a cumputur."


"Lots of skinheads are black! The movement started in Jamayka! Some of my best friends are black people. We have skin pride!"

standing offer to Charlottesville skinheads

I realize that my web pages provide a one-sided view of skinheads in Charlottesville. Perhaps skinheads are wonderful, civic-minded people who are sadly misunderstood by the general public and (particularly) myself.

So, in an effort to increase the general intellectual quality of this confrontation, I have decided to accept for publication anything that a skinhead might choose to say in response to assertions and allegations made on these pages. Perhaps the skinheads are the real center of truth and righteousness in Charlottesville. If that be the case, surely the case can be made in written form. Skinheads with comments are encouraged to send me email, or drop off written texts, drawings or photographs at

Gus Mueller, Evil Oppressor of Skinheads
1517 University Avenue
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

I'm especially interested in the thinking behind the philosophy which states that if someone says something that displeases a skinhead, then that person should be beaten until unconscious with a bicycle chain by a large group of supposed tough guys.

Be sure to include information about whether or not you wish your text to be edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Thank you for your participation in this robust, intellectually stimulating debate.

"I don't like what you put on the Entirnit. I am going to beat you up! I hate you becase I think you're a stupid faggit and a pussy and a women's libber!"


"Gus, Dear, I'm a skinhead girl trapped in an abusive relationship with a big dumb nazi! Please save me!"

"Gus is very stupid. Doesint he know we skins have an organizashun that will get him? We will kick his ass and show him we're not fashists!"

"I've been in the movement since 1982, and that means I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"You bettur not go anywere aloan. We will git togetter and beat the crap out of you!"

97-09-27: email from a typical nazi

97-09-29: not entirely serious, but funny as hell

97-12-31: from a San Antonio lunk head