gus_demo : tf_relation the field :
relation_id table_name column_name f_table_name f_column_name New tf_relation
1 tf_relation relation_type_id tf_relation_type relation_type_id Delete Edit
2 tf_column_info validation_type_id tf_validation_type validation_type_id Delete Edit
3 tf_column_info validation_pattern_id tf_validation_pattern validation_pattern_id Delete Edit
4 tf_column_info browsetype_id tf_browsetype browsetype_id Delete Edit
5 enemyship_map hater_id critter critter_id Delete Edit
6 enemyship_map hatee_id critter critter_id Delete Edit
7 friendship_map befriender_id critter critter_id Delete Edit
8 friendship_map befriendee_id critter critter_id Delete Edit
9 tf_dbdiff_table dbdiff_id tf_dbdiff dbdiff_id Delete Edit
10 critter lifeform_id lifeform lifeform_id Delete Edit
11 tf_dbmap_table dbmap_id tf_dbmap dbmap_id Delete Edit
12 tf_concordance_hit concordance_id tf_concordance concordance_id Delete Edit

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