Gus Mueller
bigfun (at an internet provider known as verizοn dοt net)
245 Dug Hill Road
Hurley NY 12443


    Mercy For Animals, West Hollywood, CA
    Sr. Backend Developer, April 2016 - June 2018
    • Maintained CENTOS servers (real physical machines at a server farm) supporting numerous high-traffic websites as well as a proprietary mass emailing system.
    • Built out features and added capacity to the proprietary mass emailing system, tripling its throughput without the need for additional hardware. Ultimate throughput for a server reached two million emails per day.
    • Built out a proprietary Customer Relationship Manager, adding numerous import features and creating a system for easily designing reports. Added visualization frontend, allowing report data to produce numerous forms of charts, calendars, and Google Maps integrations. Implemented means to merge data with formats such as PDF and RTF.
    • Documented undocumented code and built visualizations for undocumented data schemata.
    • Assisted in migrating a proprietary online store to a new WordPress-based system (WooCommerce) and built out features in the backend to automate many routines not provided by a new fulfillment center. This required mastery of WordPress data organization.

    Laemmle Theatres, Los Angeles, CA
    Web Developer/Server Administrator, August 2014 - April 2016
    • Maintained virtual AWS-hosted servers supporting a LAMP-stack proprietary MVC web application for displaying information about movies in several venues, selling tickets online, and supporting various communication services.
    • Built numerous backend tools for administering site data.
    • Implemented a variety of APIs to third-party data sources.

    A2Z Keywording, Tivoli, NY
    Web Developer, December 2011 - April 2016
    • Maintained virtual host servicing a complex proprietary web application designed for keywording professionals.
    • Built an entire LAMP-stack-based web application (based on a FileMaker prototype) allowing multiple users to keyword vast libraries of images. The application had several frontends, including one communicating as a plugin in Adobe Lightroom. For this project, I learned the Lua programming language.

    Other Work Experience
      Fullstack LAMP Developer at; Database Architect at; Database Architect at; Frontend Web Developer at; System Administrator at

SAMPLE SITES , , (Much of the work I've done has ended up as internal tools such as CMSs and CRMs.)

SKILLS Angular JS, Arduino, Apache 2, Centos Linux (6 & 7), CSS, Debian Linux, git, GSuite (including administration), HTML 5, Javascript, JQuery, Lua, Laravel Framework, Microsoft TSQL, MySQL, Node.js, Objective C, PHP (vs 4-7), PostFix, Python, MySQL, SQLite, Slack, TinyMCE API, WordPress, XML, XSLT, Yii Framework

Also skilled in:

    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
    Server experience includes: Windows NT 4.0-Windows XP, Linux, FreeBSD
    Client experience includes: IE 3-7, Firefox, Safari, Opera
    Cellphone protocol experience: MBlox, SMS, WAP , WBXML, etc.


    WORK STATUS: I am a citizen of the United States.
    TARGET JOB: Full-time, working remotely
    Date of Availability: Negotiable