George W. Bush: simulate-able - Tuesday October 24 2000    

I was reading an article in Salon today about George W. Bush's embarrassing stupidity. The article made a number of good points before trailing off into unnecessary partisan filler near then end, but the best parts were the examples of George Bush's speech, straight from the man himself:

Let me just say the first -- this business about the entitlement he tried to describe about savings, you know, matching savings here and matching savings there, fully funded it's going to cost a whole lot of money, lot more than we have. You're going to get tax relief under my plan. You're not going to be targeted in or targeted out. Everyone who pays taxes is going to get tax relief. If you take care of an elderly in your home, you're going to get the personal exemption increased.

Reading this I realized something interesting and profoundly disturbing: it would not be too difficult to write a George W. Bush simulator program with the capability of responding to questions of the day every bit as intelligently as the Republican candidate himself. I wonder: could George W. Bush pass a Turing Test?

At work today, the UK team came together in one room on one continent for the first time ever. Three young men from England, along with their tall attractive CTO woman, all flew into Los Angeles this week on west-flying planes that, in their trajectories from England, nearly kept up with the pace of the sun. On our team we also have an Indonesian contractor dude.

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