last time up the canyon - Wednesday November 11 1998    

I rode down the canyon into Mission Valley for the last time this morning. Next time I ride my bike to work, I'll be living in Ocean Beach and the entire five mile commute will stay within about 12 feet of sea level.
Today was grey and cloudy just like most days in Northern Ohio, and rain even fell for a time in the late afternoon. But by the time I started biking home, the clouds had mostly cleared away. I climbed up Texas Street out of Mission Valley for the last time by bicycle. I take a certain pride in the fact that I've never stopped to walk my bike anywhere along that long 15 percent grade.
Kim is working extra late at Victoria Rose, and I'm sipping vodkatea. Sophie is passed out on the bed. I'm taking tomorrow morning off from work for the big move.

Cory Glen interviewed me for an article in Metajournals, and the interview is now published. And I'm very happy with it, so go have a look.

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