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Thursday, February 4 2016
Unexpectedly, my nasal sniffles returned today, eventually forcing me to keep a roll of toilet paper next to my computer. In an effort to open up tomorrow for more entertaining activities, I made some progress on a couple web development tasks, one of which lasted until 11:00pm. That latter one was mostly done in the Angular javascript framework for that wiring building wiring cabinet management project I've worked on in the past. Though I've had a good amount of experience with it at this point, Angular still feels like an unkempt sprawling world of unintended side effects. It's never really clear what scope the variables are in, and communicating with different scopes (something that you have to do on an application like this one with editors overlaying other editors) feels a little like the coding equivalent of waving semaphores. But at this point I've solved most of the problems that crop up in this framework, so I can consult examples in the code I've already written. This was how, for example, I dealt with a runaway re-rendering of page with over a hundred different scopes on it (something that nearly crashed my computer).

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