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October 2021


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Tuesday, October 19 2021
After struggling for hours, I finally managed to get my development Angular environment to quit throwing SSL errors. The key was make sure the configuration for the build I was running (as specified in package.json) was pointing to the right SSL certificate, and not the wrong one (as it had been). I then had to overcome an issue with some entirely-unknown concept called alt-names. I also found myself repeated going into certmgr.msc (a program I've only known about for three days) to add certificates or delete flawed ones I'd just made. Computer are so complicated now that one doesn't have to kick the rotten log of their operating systems very hard to see a scurrying of critters one has never seen before.
Once I had that out of the way, I could actually do some front end development, the kind that doesn't require running a compile after a few seconds of code changes. I made one of my classic double-delimited configuration strings and a function to process it (if you're biologically-minded, think of the first as mRNA and the second as a ribosome), and in about a half hour had tackled the problem I'd been trying to solve for three or four days. That made me feel like I could relax for the rest of the day (which I was spending with Jason and Scott at the office, in the park I jokingly referred to as "the legacy dungeon" when chatting with Alex, my direct report.
At the end of the day, I made my customary after-work visit to the Home Depot, mostly to get spray foam and another 1.25 inch flexible drain pipe extender. I also bought a fancy all-brass trap on the chance that I end up wanting to make things look a little less cheap behind the sink in the cabin's first-floor bathroom. Also, just in case there were inspection problems with my 240 outdoor charger, I bought a largish outdoor electrical box that should be big enough to contain both the massive charger plug and the chonky 240 volt outlet. I actually forgot to get the spray foam on my first trip through checkout and had to go back for a second.
Back at the house, I was excited to install the 16 GB DD4 RAM I'd ordered for my work-issued laptop. But Gretchen had gone to the mailbox on her way to the Westchester Hospital, and that parcel had gone with her. This frustrated me more than it should have, and ultimately drove me to take a xanax (which had me sleeping soundly by the time Gretchen got home at 9:00pm). But before that, I took the wheelbarrow down the hill a short ways on Dug Hill Road and gathered another load of dry freshly-fallen pine needle for storage in the dog house. While I was doing this, I saw two of Crazy Dave's dogs go running silently off into the forest northward across the road below me. I thought maybe they'd seen something and given chase, but this was all part of a strategy to come circling around and burst out of the forest near me and start barking like hounds straight out of hell. This would've been terrifying had I not known these dogs (unlike our dogs, there is no story of them biting anyone). So I said, "oh yeah, okay!" and just kept raking while Crazy Dave called them back. One of them is apparently named Brigett.
Speaking of our dogs, Gretchen sent me a picture while I was at work today of Neville with a small (but antler-equipped) deer skull he'd found in the forest and was guarding ferociously in the living room. Gretchen managed to get a mandible away from him so Ramona would have something to gnaw on. By the time I got home, they dogs had gotten everything they wanted from these bones and abandoned them to go sleep on the bed.

The photo Gretchen sent me earlier today of Neville with his deer skull.

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