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   November 2001

01: harness that energy - Take political advantage of war, make money on volatile markets.
02: night in Hell's Kitchen - Drunk on Champagne at a party in this Manhattan neighborhood.
03: champagne hangover - Satying nude while watching campy, satiric movies on cable teevee.
04: Are you a terrorist or do you eat at McDonalds? - Take the following short quiz to find out.
05: the hardness of cat claws - Edna scratched my monitor with her claws ahile attempting to grab a window I playfully move with a mouse.
06: mellotrons and bad science - My early musical interests and CNN failing to teach Darwinism 101.
07: what is news - It's on CNN for nearly an hour but it isn't news.
08: wick phase - The analogue between a candle and a human life.
09: Fiery Furnaces at CBGB - I go see Mikila's band again, this time by myself.
10: walk to Carroll Gardens - Gretchen and I fall short of a romantic dinner in this Brooklyn neighborhood.
11: Mexican comfort food - We eat burritos and such on a cold November day.
12: raining planes - If I didn't know what the date was, I'd swear it must be 1-1-00.
13: celebration of rejection - Also, how two people go nuts when they are together all the time.
14: I can work in Manhattan again - I try to work in Manhattan for the first time in several weeks and experience success.
15: ball bearings of the forest - A somewhat fanciful explanation for why Sally the Dog cannot catch a squirrel.
16: bait and switch - Rose of India gives us a 6% alcohol 'wine product' (Chateau Diana Cabernet Sauvignon) instead of real Cabernet Sauvignon that I order.
17: Club 667 - I drink a lot in a Brooklyn club with Gretchen, Eulala and Kristen Ma$$on.
18: headache realities - I have a hangover while Gretchen and I decide we are not getting married.
19: forest poo stick - How to avoid using a shit bag in the woods of Prospect Park.
20: queen kits - The gay gentlemen of the Vale of Cashmere hide bags of supplies in the woods.
21: be sure to have - Make sure you're holding stock when they announce bin Laden is dead.
22: elephants in rooms - What is it about Pittsburgh and the pronunciation of Duquesne?
23: you know things have gone wrong when... - The movie ends with a guy strapped in an electric chair.
24: now for some improv comedy - I see some improv comedy in Pittsburgh.
25: interim transportational goals - Flying from Pittsburgh on the biggest travel day of the year amid heightened security.
26: behind the retards - Make sure you're holding stock when they announce bin Laden is dead.
27: we're amazingly safe - When we run scared, we run from our rights.
28: Royale Theatre - We see John Leguizamo at this Times Square Theatre.
29: delivery evidence - If FedEx makes an attempt at delivering something and they leave no evidence, did they actually make an attempt?
30: raw umber lighting - Out on the town on Brooklyn's 5th Avenue.