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   June 2003

01: nerves struggle in a nutritional desert - These people are so deformed by their diets, one wonders about their brains.
02: in hopes of reaching a vein of chipmunk - Sally gets a really dirty face and she and I hit the KFC.
03: slippery-slope nap - About pseudoephedrine, predatory cats, and napping.
04: two days in one - The weather and several movies screw up my sense of the flow of time.
05: concrete chipping - I beat on the slab out front with a mattock.
06: driving to Cape Cod - Gretchen and I begin a weekend adventure to the Cape to attend a wedding.
07: Cape Cod wedding - I beat on the slab out front with a mattock.
08: Provincetown - Gretchen and I drive to the very tip of Cape Cod.
09: Ashokan reservoir in the twilight - I beat on the slab out front with a mattock.
10: no normal consumer would ever attempt - I beat on the slab out front with a mattock.
11: living among crazy terrorists: always open Port 80 - Finishing the front stoop slab project.
12: what to do with those cunts of theirs - We watch the dreadful Mel Gibson movie Signs.
13: stoned in a fascist state - Lin and Mark come to visit from Brooklyn and I smoke pot and think about how scary things are getting in this country.
14: hilarious splashing - Summer fun does not include cold water unexpectedly hurled upon you.
15: Lost Clove Trail - A trail in the Catskills west of Phoenicia.
16: stick trail exits - A few side paths mysteriously appear on the stick path.
17: hardsell captive - I just want a listing in the yellow pages - not the Spanish Inquisition.
18: summers of 69 - Also - Polvo, exploding computers, and A Walk on the Moon.
19: two identical forks - Dinner at the Reservoir Inn in West Hurley.
20: lower Chamomile trail - Also - what made MacOS 7 so ground-breaking.
21: folksy wholesomeness of the surrounding community - Doing activities in the local Kingston, NY area.
22: forest walk in a downpour - It rains and Gretchen and I walk in the woods.
23: sympathy for the occupied - I say a few words about constitutionally-protected internet filtering and pissed-off Iraqis.
24: free as a bird - I see the movie Winged Migration.
25: tHoWzAnDz of pHiLeZ - Technological solutions to people being able to track down who you are in a wired P2P network.
26: the Catskill effect: six degrees of separation - It is six degrees cooler on a ridgetop in Hurley than it is in New York City.
27: didn't just make my skin crawl - Learning about cultish bullshit happening to our troops in Iraq.
28: afield of dotcomer ground zero - Rejected from a job at Bard, I clean up Vodkatea anyway.
29: the stereo fireworks of Kingston - Gretchen and I attend Kingston's July 4th festival on the Rondout.
30: trolling around in messageboards - Serving up red meat to the wives of Marines.