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   February 2005

01: Los Gemelos - For the first time I experience some Galapagos rain. Later I weaken substantially in the bad air of Quito.
02: suntanned and sick - In bed all day in a hotel in Old Town, Quito.
03: down the Napo River - I'm feeling better just in time for the beginning of the Amazonia leg of our trip.
04: better than the Eiffel Tower - An impressive three-tower structure in the middle of the rain forest.
05: wooden jungle tower - Far up in a massive tree watching birds at Sacha Lodge.
06: Carnival in Coca - Checking into a hotel in Coca and meeting its various tame animals taken from the rain forest. Also, Gretchen eats pasta served with a sauce made of ketchup.
07: across Panama and Cuba - We fly north back to New York and find it's not as cold as the way we left it.
08: careful with that ecommerce - I learn a valuable lesson while cross-checking internet retailers.
09: special purpose scripts and little programs - Dealing with the heavy load of images brought back from Ecuador.
10: failed improvisation for a truck battery - I prove incapable of charging it with a computer power supply.
11: Kingston's Spanish-language infrastructure - A guy named Javier buys us a round of drinks at La Pupuseria.
12: is KaZaA dying? - I ask this question when forced to turn to Gnutella for what I want.
13: shooting at the mall - Someone goes crazy with am assault rifle locally.
14: boneheadedly medieval - I read that article about religious education in Staunton public schools. Also, I find a great new online mapping system.
15: therapeutic slope - I'm reminded of the value of south-facing slopes when walking down the Stick Trail.
16: thirty seven - Celebrating my birthday on the annoying side of the Hudson.
17: preliminary fun at 24 dB - Pointing a powerful parabolic WiFi antenna at the neighbors.
18: what's a page? - Yet another tale from the frontlines where old ladies battle modern GUIs.
19: common difficulty with protein - Flagrant flatulence at the Ro-Lin lanes.
20: sick of the Pixies - Smoking pot, taking a bath, and changing the music whenever the Pixies come on.
21: dismal cycle - Brain freezes, species of snow, and fun with demagoguery.
22: acclimation in the snow - A mention of a band called Snow Patrol and a walk through the snow with the aggressive dog of a friend.
23: my archive of Macintosh software - I write about the good old days of software collecting and show pictures of my old collection (as well as some of the tools I used).
24: perversion of empathy - The differences in the empathic systems of Republicans and Democrats.
25: unmarried species - Snapper McGee's in Uptown Kingston, NY.
26: meatless fun - A barn raising for recued pigs and a benefit for local cats and dogs.
27: Oscars - We wouldn't have watched, but our friend Peter made a game of it.
28: anything but appetizing - Two movie reviews and an anniversary dinner.