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   September 2005

01: found its bathtub - Grover Norquist must be pleased with the anarchy in New Orleans.
02: teflon tape hell - I hate making screw connections in plumbing. Soldering is far more certain.
03: what real leadership looks like - Bush is no Churchill, that's for damn sure.
04: Timothy Treadwell's empathy - Dinner and a movie in Rosendale: Grizzly Man.
05: for want of a fitting - I get the copper lines of the solar project all the way to the north end of the house and then hit a roadblock.
06: off-grid fittings - Sometimes one needs the subtlety of a 45 degree copper fitting.
07: oh fuck and the truck - Something serious happens inside the truck's engine.
08: panel work begins - More than a month into my solar project, I finally start building the solar panel.
09: earmarked for slaughter - I get a nastygram from the local building inspector.
10: unimaginative children - I watch football after a wedding.
11: hangover with Visio - Designing diagrams and feeling shitty.
12: now willing to suck engineer dick - What I wouldn't do for a nice structural engineer.
13: remembering the existence of trigonometry - All you need to remember is that it exists.
14: fallen this far - A visit from the building inspector and propaganda on VOA.
15: hotter than the unpainted metal - I start painting my solar panel black.
16: the building inspection hell of others - Conversation around glasses of wine at a house on the other side of Hurley.
17: in the pizza delivery zone - Watching the traffic to the skatepunks up the street gave me an idea for how to obtain tonight's dinner.
18: paint survived the heat of soldering - A little solar work in the course of inspection-related busywork.
19: lukewarm bath - The solar panel isn't quite ready, but I use water heated from it to bathe anyway. Also, I hatch a plan to deceive the electrical inspector.
20: reticulate menorah - I make my first copper pipe menorah in which the branches double back on themselves.
21: firey little holes - Increasing the efficiency of my solar panel.
22: first comfortable solar-powered bath - Also, Gretchen gets a hot solar-powered shower.
23: engineering relief - A structural engineer puts me at ease about my solar deck.
24: Opus 40 in September - Another wedding attended.
25: McMansions of Bush Road - Brunch at the boxy modern house of our new friends.
26: boiler wiring homestretch - Aside from a last-minute leak, all goes swimmingly.
27: preparing for solar downtime - Before leaving on a trip, a new set of solar-project-related headaches.
28: one poo-bedeviled rump - Setting off for Istanbul.
29: crazy driving in the Holy Land - Arriving in Tel Aviv, Isræl for a wedding.
30: wedding in the Holy Land - Great food and fussy orthodox details.