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   May 2008

01: two strangers discover they are vegans - There are few interpersonal moments as powerful as when vegans find each other.
02: neglected Beesmer - A mysteriously untended piece of highway outside Hurley Township in New York.
03: last of the season's cardboard - A cool day spent working on indoor projects.
04: no Jewelweed yet - So I resort to soapy water when I find myself touching Poison Ivy.
05: listening to country - And not entirely ironically, either. Also, dinner and a movie in Rhinebeck.
06: car roof gone - Sawing through six posts with a reciprocating saw.
07: car butchery - Cutting it up for metal, not meat.
08: personal archæological site - Burying tile in the yard again.
09: the best parts of human nature - Music files exist in a place even where there is no medium to bring them in.
10: immersively-detached audio - Earbuds beneath shop earmuffs while vacuuming.
11: cold dogshit twice - Welding barefoot, a brief roadtrip to the Albany airport, and getting a bad bogus myth in sideways.
12: for want of an answer - Why can't windows just ask me for a username and a password when I try to access a share on a server?
13: supporting arguments are unnecessary - Reading David Brooks and getting angry.
14: bisected car - I cut the hatchback in half with a reciprocating saw.
15: bored out of her mind - The fucking compound, alone time, and keeping bored dogs happy.
16: solar panel umbrella - Solar soldering in the rain.
17: parallel solar - I'm into one song for the same chord change three times.
18: the fields of flowing water - Flowing water has no detectable magnetic field, not even when its molecules are first polarized.
19: gloomy May - Also, attempting another means of making a flow meter, until I realized heat would destroy the necessary magnet.
20: just one tool - The glories of the perfect tool for the job.
21: dead prepared to be handled by the living - Cutting the remains of the gutted hatchback into pieces small enough to haul away.
22: ylonghoyurays? - Sally gets quilled again.
23: triage end of the gallery hanging - The house is given over to the examination of photos for a gallery show.
24: tools at the ready - Storing tools around the house.
25: appreciating a stool - I explain my father's DIY/homesteader worldview and describe the satisfaction of making a stool.
26: barbecue weather - Also, I look at an ancient house foundation, a beautiful gorge, and a live porcupine.
27: bottle cap casting - The first step towards casting a plastic gin bottle cap in copper.
28: scrap borosilicate glass - I break a French press and expand a garden.
29: need a melting furnace - After attempting to melt pennies with just a MAPP gas torch, I decide I need a proper furnace.
30: taste aftercheese - A not-entirely pleasant experience with vegan-acceptable fake cheese.
31: layered hyper-tempo melodies - A Bluejay curses a cat.