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   June 2008

01: north morning sunlight - The time of year when sunlight can make it through all windows of a house.
02: house-sized rock - On a visit to Kaaterskill Falls, Sally the dog dislocates a toe.
03: old school RS-232 - Sometimes the latest communication technology isn't the best for a project.
04: inanimate Darwinian fabric - I fix a broken stretch of concrete paving over a ditch.
05: psych support in a small town - >Lars and the Real Girl (and my brother).
06: defensive driving alone time - Gretchen gets six hours of alone time by sending me to a defensive driving class at Bard College.
07: Woodbourne graduation, 2008 - Attending another Bard Prison Initiative graduation.
08: sailing the seas of yard - Good deals and strange people abound.
09: floaty thing on the Esopus - Another hot day, and a visit to the Secret Spot.
10: Thai Mex in Nellysford - We begin our trip to Bonnaroo, 2008.
11: Monticello and Knoxville - Another leg on our trip to Bonnaroo.
12: Christian water - The drive into Bonnaroo.
13: a patch of wood for pooing - Tegan and Sara, Chris Rock, and Metallica at Bonnaroo.
14: pre-position crowd - Finding my way to the Pearl Jam pit at Bonnaroo.
15: sprouting a forest of heavy metal salutes - Ladytron, Aimee Mann, Alison Krauss, and Robert Plant at Bonnaroo.
16: low-relief steel horse - Another visit with my parents near Staunton, Virginia.
17: New Jersey highway hell - Never take an exit into unknown parts of New Jersey.
18: cheap Chinese hell - There's a real downside to using cheap no-name products bought on Ebay and drop-shipped from Hong Kong.
19: painless foot branding - Stepping on a soldering iron barefoot.
20: full on head cold - Watching teevee with houseguests while somewhat ill.
21: notes of feces - An art opening featuring a Virginian in Woodstock.
22: temporary illness-induced aversion - Being sick, eating vegan ice cream and drinking orange juice.
23: generic mammal - Today Eleanor looks like a hippopotamus.
24: found exhaust hood - I find a perfect piece of metal at an abandoned go cart track nearby.
25: crackmcmansions - Kitchen work, dismay at Obama, and joy at the first signs of the end of suburbia.
26: organically-evolving palimpsets - What I prefer in an interior space.
27: rarefied impact - A metal detector finds little human impact in the nearby Catskill forest.
28: GPS calculations - Trying to find a spot on a plot surveying using GPS and a metal detector.
29: fireworks, 2008 - Watching Kingston, NY's fireworks from six miles away to the west.
30: nonexistent point - A GPS/metal detector hunt turns up nothing.