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   July 2008

01: algorithm toggle - I add a toggle switch to the front of my Arduino-based solar sufficiency controller.
02: Snowboard Snowjob - The movie Whole New Thing. Also frisbee and basketball in the yard.
03: Jewish Christmas in July - Gretchen and I eat Chinese food and watch Hancock in Kingston, NY.
04: hadn't brought in my head - A client attempts to get a discount by insulting me.
05: Schnauzer kerfuffle - At the Unseen America exhibit in Kingston, NY.
06: one man unload - I singlehandedly unload an enormous cast iron woodstove out of the back of my Honda Civic hatchback.
07: mildly translucent gutters - I install forty feet of vinyl gutter above the garage doors.
08: unexpected rot holes - Water damage again hijacks my day.
09: several critical blue collar white guy stereotypes - But I drink ice beer but never Coors.
10: gutters, wasps, and hornets - Trying to install gutters while leaving the wasps alone.
11: restoring rotten wooden structures - I turn my attention to fixing the rotten wood beneath the guest room's sliding glass doors.
12: Earth Battery Man - I help some friends building a timber frame house east of the Mohonk range near Rosendale.
13: epoxytron - Fixing household rotten wood with that stuff you have to mix.
14: not carrying things in my arms - I use a backpack to haul bluestone out of the forest and discover that it's much easier than the brute force cave man method of gathering natural resources.
15: trolling - I quickly get shut down when I ask informed questions about a water combustion device.
16: bluestone backpack - A homemade pack for carrying flagstones.
17: dissolved throw rugs - Hot water and old Ikea rugs don't mix.
18: Grey Fox, 2008 - Gretchen and I attend the bluegrass festival at its new home.
19: Roku enabled - After yard saling in Woodstock and bluestone hauling, I plop down in front of this $100 gizmo.
20: music in the Spiegeltent - A trippy evening of music at Bard College.
21: plywood hauling with a four door - Also: do Hispanics think in metric?
22: tased by a digital camera - Also, finally putting bluestone on the woodstove pedestal.
23: accursed but streetlegal - I finally register our replacement Honda Civic hatchback.
24: garage door physics - An unsprung garage door is a surprisingly dangerous thing.
25: becoming Michæl Scott - Becoming aware of the socially-inappropriate voice within. Also, working with liquid bluestone.
26: Tivoli yard sales - A yearly village-wide yard sale extravaganza.
27: vegan fundraiser party - Gretchen and I host a vegan barbecue. Also, I informally inspect a house in Phoenicia.
28: dish washing in the yard - Cleaning up after a party.
29: British vs. American the Offices - Having watched both versions on the Roku, I state some differences.
30: again to the bluestone mines - I return looking for yet another single large piece.
31: the quarry on the Esopus - I learn of a new swimming hole.