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   July 2010

01: better downspout - Also a little history of drainage work at the house.
02: pack it out - Our no dirty diapers in the kitchen trashcan policy.
03: emptiness in Uptown - Kingston doesn't seem to be doing too well on this particular First Saturday.
04: heat of July - The summer's first serious heat wave begins.
05: bad Thai in Rhinebeck - A failed attempt to pick up a Wilma replacement.
06: the Malthusian hellscape - Getting another cat out of a depressing animal shelter.
07: Nigel outside - And we worry that he's lost for good.
08: not coyotes but deer - The agent of last night's depredations.
09: now for experimental purposes - I swap out my WiFi router.
10: celebratory advantage - It cools down so I take a bath.
11: winning the tomato race - A goofy self-imposed competition with the local CSA.
12: King's Mall Stonehenge - A weird stone structure on Kingston's motor mile.
13: high definition revolution - We get a huge teevee and HD Dish Network on the same day.
14: watched tomatoes - Never turn red. Also, our new cat Nigel turns out to like to piss on random objects.
15: mostly just unafraid - Nigel vs. Deborah's dog Juneau.
16: attachable funnel - The things one can make with plastic bottles that used to hold cheap gin.
17: excessive testing for marginal conditions - Why we didn't order up a blood test for our new cat Nigel.
18: oddball manifestation tour - Entertaining aging houseguests.
19: katydids and gutters - And a crazy summer thunderstorm.
20: must filter ads - You can't safely visit bittorrent search engines these days without filtering out the infectious things that want to take over your computer.
21: mauling mystery solved - A smaller version of Eleanor's mauling happens again, and this time I catch the perpetrator.
22: Obama is Hitler - Ray and Nancy move into their new house while a LaRouchie demonstration goes on down the street.
23: don't just return - I'd prefer to find a fix than to reflexively return something that I buy that doesn't work.
24: Goodwill and Salvation Army - Ray and I go yard saling and end up at Kingston's thrift stores.
25: a better way to watch computer files - I add a general-purpose computer to the home theatre.
26: blankets in July - Also, reaching out for another brand of IPA.
27: teevee enough for me - A good remote for an HDTV-attached PC.
28: constipated clay-rich - Sand is always an improvement for our yard soil.
29: scales of the fractal of the song - Jim James and other rock and rollers, mountaintop removal, and the smell of dogs after eating disgusting things.
30: excruciatingly hot - Too much jalapeño pepper can make a bagel taste like a bar of soap.
31: Rhinecliff near a wedding - We have Chinese food very close to Chelsea Clinton's wedding.