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   September 2010

01: tomatoes and generic Fritos - The perfect munchy combo food.
02: Mountain Brew hangover - It's all in the stomach.
03: Linux driver purgatory - It's not quite hell, but there is suffering involved.
04: vegan ghetto - Also, why a little trauma and bacteria might be good for a child.
05: temperature test - Is decomposition happening? Measure the temperature! Also, impossible-to-understand finance jargon at a dinner party.
06: condensation-combatting condom - Dealing with thermistor shorting in a hot water tank.
07: tensile strength of Ikea-style furniture - Don't try to move these things by dragging them. Always compress!
08: late summer veggies - Mostly things Gretchen doesn't like.
09: future-proof in the 90s - A new motherboard for an old IBM Aptiva.
10: inventions of wheels - Why I like to just build things myself.
11: beer and tweaks - Last minute design edits on a website in the laboratory with Penny and some beers.
12: eggplant snerch - But much like a mastodon, an eggplant is a lot of food.
13: hourly or not - Sometimes it's good to be paid by the hour. Other times it isn't.
14: cachunk to electromechanical whine - New voting machines in New York.
15: salad days of shitware - We're not in them anymore, evidently, because now I can't figure out what is shitting up my computer.
16: not even a technological brainstem - Release of a site on a completely new technological foundation.
17: great venue for improvisational fiction - Other uses for Facebook: the kind that were never intended.
18: Google Street View bubble tourism - Driving around the ruins of Florida subdivisions in Google Street View.
19: like a closely-cropped lawn - A littered pond along the side of the Amtrak parking lot in Rhinecliff.
20: my job - It's to fix problems.
21: getting shit done - Also, an actual professional camera.
22: not even Mad Dog drinking gutterpunks - Gretchen has a bad experience with an officer of the law at Onteora.
23: $7 sixers and other IPAs - Also, eating burritos and watching Jeopardy.
24: glad I wasn't there - The Subaru falls off its jack while I'm off queing up a new podcast.
25: misanthropic impulsiveness - Also, Gretchen sees Moby do an acoustic set and I grind away at a car part.
26: hose clamp flange replacement - Another day of old car rotten exhaust repairs.
27: when chemists are waiters - Another victim of the Great Recession.
28: fuck you, Plesk - It's a great web admin system until you actually need to do something useful.
29: putting the tootpaste back in the tube - Helping a friend whose Gmail account is taken over.
30: lies and satire - And whatever it is Ray does.