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   October 2010

01: 19th to 21st - A long power outage ends.
02: glass whiskers embedded in fingers - A hot bath helps, but the only real cure is time.
03: routing around incompetence - And being fucked in the ass instead of fucking in the ass.
04: first woodfire of the season - Also, chided for my potty mouth in Godaddy Live Support.
05: injera and acorns - A mast year and eating thawed out frozen Ethiopian bread.
06: railed - The Town of Hurley cuts off access to the lower part of our property.
07: swimming pool in the bluestone mines - Gretchen shows me a new place in the forest she recently discovered.
08: phone call web crunch - The final fixes of a website come by telephone.
09: gravestones of Uptown - How they weather and what they say (in Kingston NY).
10: October indoor chill - Also, watching Ugly Americans.
11: solid state day - All day installing a solid state hard drive in Woodchuck.
12: responsible for the whole stack - And also how much I hate phones.
13: beans like bony fish - Also, a fragile visitor and sheating doors in Durock.
14: shale and bluestone column - Observing off geological formations while gathering firewood.
15: impromptu Thai - A dinner date despite a scheduling misunderstanding.
16: mystery gizmo - Also: dirty diapers are the seven layer burritos of the suburban forest.
17: reprogramming the Baby - Forcing our oldest cat to accept another part of the house as her territory.
18: voids in the door framing - One for a window and others for styrofoam.
19: new greenhouse door installed - A dinner date despite a scheduling misunderstanding.
20: impromptu Thai - A dinner date despite a scheduling misunderstanding.
21: pine needle harvest 2010 - Getting needles before the rain and reaching six carts of wood gathered for the season.
22: Silver Maple windfall - More of a tree company fall, actually.
23: armpits and wine - Also, yard sales and a Woodstock bar with a mysterious customer base.
24: primitive sound - Still working for free, and getting started on a greenhouse floor project.
25: pauseable cheap MP3 - Some simple electronics allowing an MP3 player to stay alive in a car and hold its place in a podcast.
26: more distant chestnut - Also, success strikes my wife.
27: soundtrack of autumn - Reviews of Rainer Maria and Black Mountain.
28: ironic and nostalgic - Gretchen takes me to the Olive Garden.
29: low-demand pilgrimage - Day before the Rally to Keep Fear Alive.
30: Rally to Keep Fear Alive - The rally as viewed and experienced from the margin of the National Mall.
31: actually missing a Sbarro - Driving home after a weekend of keeping fear alive.