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   injera and acorns
Tuesday, October 5 2010
It was another clammy, rainy day of the sort ultimately requiring a fire in the woodstove. Leaves of changing color and falling off the trees early this year, probably due to unusually dry summer conditions. Also, there's a freakishly large number of acorns falling from the oaks this year. Years with such acorn crops are called mast years (as opposed to crash years).
This evening Gretchen and I cobbled together a sort of vaguely Ethiopian meal. She put together an improvised "wat" based on cauliflower and beans. It was cooked and ended up being a bit drier than wats generally are (wat means "stew" in Amharic). Unusually, I also made a culinary contribution to the meal, making a cold wat from onions, freshly-harvested tomatoes, olive oil, salt, and diced hot peppers (this being a recipe Gretchen dictated to me as she worked on her wat). We still had frozen ingera leftover from Gretchen's most recent trip to Washington, DC (the only place where one can get reliably good injera in North America).

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