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   May 2011

01: May Day in Kingston - Autism photography and new canopies for Uptown.
02: gluttons for repair - Chainsaws always need maintenance. Also, the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
03: green thumb Tuesday - I plant some of the garden and cut the lawn for the first time this year.
04: jihad Wednesday - Cleaning the house so our house sitter will have a nice place to be while we're in Rome, Italy.
05: to Rome - Flying to Rome to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our engagement.
06: Roman Pantheon - Walking around the streets of Rome with jet lag.
07: Vatican - Mostly on the other side of Rome's Tiber River.
08: ancient Rome - The Forum, Indian food, and the Coliseum.
09: little Ethiopia - Another little break from the pasta, this time with the cuisine of one of Italy's former colonies.
10: in the ghetto - In the Jewish Ghetto and also in Trastevere in Rome.
11: Caravaggio hunt - But could only see them at one of three possible places.
12: to Tuscany - A great train ride, a busride fiasco, and a four hour meal.
13: Via dei Gatti - A relaxing day of wine and pasta in Montepulciano, Italy.
14: killing time in Montepulciano - Between pasta and pizza in an Etruscan hilltown.
15: if large intestines could drive - A cab ride from Montepulciano to Chiusi.
16: Death Star customs - Is it just me, or getting back into America become a little like getting onto the Death Star?
17: dead turtling warbler - I find a corpse on the laboratory deck and use to clues to deduce how it died.
18: kafkaesque non-fantasy land - Driving fifty miles for nothing.
19: planting tomatoes, 2011 - Jetlagged and rained out, but still able to do something horticultural.
20: DVR fiasco - Select all in the VIP722 selects all movies in the file system, not just those in the present hierarchy. Whoops!
21: big cake birthday - After over 70 people are scheduled to attend our friend Jenny's birthday party, Gretchen has to multiply the cake recipe by a larger factor.
22: cat fur jihad - Removing a huge ball of cat fur from Sylvia. Also: Dual Survival.
23: death of channel surfing - I try to do it with a modern HDTV DVR and am disappointed.
24: organ meats on my feets - A bad new habit of Stripey the Cat.
25: de facto five volt connector - USB should be everywhere just for this.
26: three weeks of entropy - Also, Ray seems to like the prospect of a new job down in the city he just moved out of.
27: Oberlin, 2011 - Going to 'our' college reunion.
28: pizza in Oberlin - Hanging out with new people roughly my age in Lorenzo's.
29: Mudd Library café - And other fine things for better-off Oberlin students.
30: red-headed Toughskins model - Scream-crying over Lake Erie.
31: sheets of plastic - The only effective solution to problem cats.