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   April 2011

01: April Fools wine - My brother voluntarily drinks alcohol for the first time ever.
02: compressed novel of misery - Layers of landuse atrocity south of Staunton, Virginia.
03: gradual ruination and quick impoverishment - More observations of gradual decay and the grim reality of American longterm geriatric care.
04: the payday loaners of Staunton - Further observations about the Guatemalification of the South.
05: omens in the Shenandoah Valley - I feel like mystic messages are being conveyed to me whenever I visit my childhood home.
06: Indian food in downtown Staunton - Hoagie takes me out for one of my favorite kinds of food.
07: Indian food roadtrip blowback - An excruciating need to use the restroom near Woodstock, Virginia.
08: half-filling the Kleinert - Gretchen presides over a poetry panel in a shitty timeslot.
09: filling the Kleinert - Gretchen presides over a poetry panel in a good timeslot and greatly exceeds expectations. Also, I discover microcontroller watchdog timers.
10: vegan tribalism - Happy the vegan won a donut championship.
11: goad dog - Testing and perfecting an Arduino watchdog timer.
12: Albany Avenue strip Italian - ...but really good pita.
13: brownhouse faucet - I finally install the last piece of plumbing in my shithouse alternative.
14: masonite shelf model - Also, the limits to heat collection from a hydronic solar panel.
15: good and bad bird stories - One makes it and another doesn't. Also, a local Kingston man loses himself into a miniature WWII-era village.
16: infrared makes it easy - It's easier to read an IR transistor than it is to hook up a keyboard.
17: the right IR receiver - I find I have to use a Sparkfun IR receiver to get my Arduino to receive commands from a universal remote.
18: Bard Seder - And we win a trivia contes.
19: finally abandoning Homesite - After 13 years, it's time for another text editor.
20: greenhouse awning - I build a shelter from the elements over the greenhouse door.
21: Media Thursday - Also a morning poo poo disaster.
22: better than Home Cooking - At the last minute we receive attendance information and we have a change of dinner plans.
23: mystery snows of April - At first I wonder if a mushy comet crash landed in the back yard. Also, a review of Parking Wars.
24: bad old ways - Blasts from the pasts: Eleanor attacks a cyclist and I meet a person from the old online journal scene.
25: spring rains and hosting pains - In which I bemoan my selection of Godaddy as my go-to webhosting provider.
26: close up with the birds of Springtime - What looks unremarkable to the naked eye can be amazing when photographed through a telephoto lens.
27: underage bolt expert - Also, refreshing my knowledge of biological information technology.
28: in a chat no one can hear you scream - One question for Godaddy tech support: Are you retarded? Because you seem retarded.
29: pro-forma ritual of household security - Eleanor responds to a shocker collar.
30: like pus from an infected fingernail - Subaru work in the springtime.