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   March 2011

01: practical use for snow angel technology - Replacing a muffler in an icy driveway.
02: digging a little deeper - Why pseudoephedrine can be a good drug when you just need to get shit done.
03: warehousing the bad - Gretchen and I attend a lecture about incarceration policy and then eat an expensive dinner in Tivoli. And I get my boiler data logger working.
04: windfall of alone time - A friend reaches out so I leave the house to socialize.
05: rangefinder cap - I add a method for determining fuel level to the household oil tank. And then I get crazy with my friends.
06: 14th Street Trader Joe's errand - It's not as easy as hitting a suburban Trader Joe's.
07: minimal grid - For her birthday, I paint a version of a website icon representing Deborah's dog Juneau.
08: well perforation gutter - Routing around another aspect of our house's poor design.
09: hold your nose blues - Listening again to some classic psychedelic rock. Also, a spring cleaning jihad.
10: the limits of tool rental - It turns out that you can't just go and rent a tap and die set.
11: without a beer in my hand - Seeing the movie Strongman and attending an MS benefit in Rosendale.
12: Hammer of the Gods - Gretchen and I see a Led Zepplin tribute band in Albany.
13: a certain piece of basic knowledge - Provided with a tantalizing puzzle in a podcast, I do some research for information on how to build a nuclear bomb.
14: food prep porn - I don't much enjoy food preparation, but tonight I found myself watching a television show about it.
15: Niagara in a box - Why nuke plants probably should be along the Pacific coast.
16: fries in boxes - Celebrating Nancy's birthday with french fries and the Bachelor.
17: minty fresh neck - The weather turns warm and I cut my hair.
18: Cedar Rapids in Woodstock - Gretchen, Nancy and I get pizza and a movie in Woodstock, NY.
19: springlike inertia - The birds will not be discouraged by a cool day in late March.
20: close to the precipice - A newish friend with an evident fear of heights.
21: coldish winter day - Remarkable for being so late in March.
22: cracking Windows programs - Well, actually just attempting to.
23: erroneously-named DuraLast brand - Another day, another car problem.
24: as long as childhood - My old man is having medical problems again.
25: inlaws and BRAWL - We take Gretchen's parents to women's arm wrestling.
26: inlaws within prison - Another prison graduation, this time with the in-laws.
27: inlaws in Tivoli - Multiple noodle pots and repotting of seedlings.
28: the dream of the 90s - I can't keep from watching the opening segment of the pilot episode of Portlandia.
29: what is pro-life? - I can't even pull up weeds. Also, is the MPAA paying Russian hackers to poison host files?
30: fake summer switch - A button that can throw the solar controller immediately into summer mode.
31: pass the faceless houses - Driving down to Virginia again to see my geriatric father.