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   February 2011

01: interchangeable hands - A Honda windshield wiper blade fits a Subaru, who knew?
02: David Pogue annoys me - Why Nova: Science Now is so much better than Nova: Making Stuff.
03: better ignitor - And made in America, fuck yeah!
04: undo and redo - How I use undo to remind myself. And other methods for coping with the limits of cognition while programming something complicated.
05: DVD and muscle relaxers - Running errands for Gretchen while she recovers from a pulled leg muscle.
06: IE7 is even suckier than the other IEs - Looking at my database mapper in other browsers.
07: questions from a cat - Distracted by felines in the laboratory.
08: ozone throat - Fun with a boiler ignitor and possibly figuring out why the household boiler keeps regurgitating antifreeze.
09: cold day in the asteroid belt - Wasting time waiting for tires to be installed.
10: last IPA in the keg - At the Skytop Steakhouse during some local realtor convention.
11: time for a solar controller upgrade - Homebrewing an Arduino controller and committing myself to the use of cables, among other things.
12: fun with I2C - New serial technologies sure make wiring digital circuits easy.
13: successful slave - My nascent new solar controller gets a second core across the I2C network.
14: LCD Valentine - I give graphical powers to my new solar controller.
15: strings in a hostile world - Passing delimited data between a master and a slave Arduino.
16: top shelf birthday - Turning 43 with friends in the Rondout.
17: suspect in a diesel crime investigation - A state trooper is led to my house by a piece of evidence I'd dropped in a crime scene.
18: indistinguishable from springtime - A late February heat wave.
19: solar controller code migration - Better than expected success in moving old solar controller code to the new platform.
20: to deciminutes and back - Interfacing a real time clock with my solar controller's built-in sense of the passage of time.
21: no more snow please - Also: last little bits of hardware work on Solar Controller III.
22: wood electronics case - I decide to put Solar Controller III in a wooden case.
23: installing Solar Controller III - And the fussiness of capacitance across a 100 foot serial cable.
24: ignored demographic - What it's like to not have ads target at you while watching mainstream television.
25: when not to cover funk - When your band is made up of aging hippies and you use Nananananah as a chorus.
26: how to measure the level of a fluid - I imagine doing it with an ultrasonic range finder, a strain gauge, and even a potentiometer.
27: might as well be 1982 - The retail situation when you need an integrated circuit immediately.
28: bloody cat donnybrook - Julius and Nigel go at it.