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   January 2011

01: descending from Skytop - Also, exploring other open operating systems and more splitting of elm.
02: prophesy mining - I actually take the time to look at the madness behind Bible-based apocalypse prediction.
03: could it be Knoppix - Trying to find a usable Linux distribution for a MP3 player built around an old laptop.
04: day-destroyingly difficult - Linux can still destroy a day.
05: tanning and overclocking - Observations about women addicted to tanning. And the bad decision Sony made in its packaging of blank CD media.
06: some mixture of magic and weather - Trying to eliminate hum from a tiny FM transmitter.
07: solution to pollution - Is dilution. In this case, the pollution is cat piss.
08: 2nd Amendment remedies - Assassinations in Arizona.
09: water and car batteries? - Perhaps I have a bunch of reusable car batteries that just need water.
10: box wine television - Working in a coffee shop, styrofoam, and dinner at Ray and Nancy's place.
11: perfect storm of wood salvaging ease - I do some deep winter American Chestnut salvaging along the Stick Trail before another winter storm arrives.
12: lucrative snow shoveling - In only a half hour, I do something quoted as a $30 snowplow job.
13: two kinds of suck - DriverDetective and Haitian prisons.
14: bad hardware black hole - Hours of my life sucked up by a seemingly-bad Arduino Ethershield.
15: exoplanet probe data - Gorgeous inappropriate programming for adults.
16: end of an era - My old Macintosh IIsi appears to have finally died.
17: too yellow for the carpet - Unexpectedly solo dog sitting.
18: orphaned info - Saving data on my old Macintosh disks.
19: birthday at the steakhouse - It might specialize in meat, but Skytop Steakhouse is a place where even vegans can have a good birthday.
20: party shopping - A multi-store grocery run in anticipation of Gretchen's 40 birthday party.
21: baking soda amnesia - I forget whether or not I'd added baking soda to the ingredients of Gretchen's birthday cake.
22: cake and chili - A 40th birthday party for Gretchen.
23: still require a heroic librarian effort - With the old Mac floppies moved to hard drive, I got my emulated classic Macintosh up and running again.
24: chores in the chilly outdoors - So cold the antifreeze cocktail turns to slush. And replacing another bald tire.
25: microprojectmanaged - Working on a very complicated project while a project manager calls at regular intervals.
26: Project Management for Dummies - Even when I can't possibly do work, my project continues to be micromanaged.
27: shitcan IV - I replace the shitcan in the brownhouse with the fourth empty 30 gallon can (actually the second can used a second time).
28: studying a cache - I actually interact with two different caches today, and one helps me fix the worst of a site's SQL.
29: New Paltz activities - Gretchen drags me to New Paltz and it ends up being less of a drag than I expect.
30: uses for absolute rule - It's not always a bad thing.
31: overbroiled zucchini with black beans - At Ray and Nancy's for another The Bachelor.