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   February 2013

01: LEDs for bathrooms - Also, planting mystery hot peppers and measuring capacitance.
02: four hours on my feet - KMOCA's February 2013 benefit.
03: quiet trumps purchase - My desire for a Hackintoshable laptop mostly evaporates after I figure out how to make my Mac Mini run more quietly.
04: God is Hitler - And Huey Lewis leads me to American Psycho.
05: I said his ear - Stupid television and an emergent employment funk.
06: pizza party with Hurley fries - All to watch a stupid episode of the Bachelor.
07: last minute widowmaker - Gathering wood before a blizzard. And accurate measurement of capacitance.
08: blizzard begins - Snow begins falling, but we're reading. Also, unbracketed success and failure blocks make me angry.
09: pepper cloud - Garden-grown hot peppers are easy to accidentally-weaponize.
10: Muzak at Skytop - The pizza isn't as good tonight and the music sucks, but now there's an antipasto bar.
11: making sense of Capsense - Measuring low-value capacitors with an Arduino library designed for user input.
12: old laptops as serial terminals - What worked and what didn't. Also, the stale bread of Creationism sweetened by dinosaurs.
13: biohazard in the Hannaford - Another day, another Uptown Kingston freakshow.
14: Valentine's Day exhaust system - A non-street-legal car on St. Valentine's Day.
15: sunny February chores - Oxygen sensor installed, hair cut, hydronic zone fixed, fuel level sensor sealed. Also, a meteor injures hundreds in non-Soviet Russia.
16: lordy live - Another year, another burrito and a pitcher of las margaritas.
17: orzo and pepper - Also, a Whippet named Devo.
18: capacitance fuel probe works - I watch its performance on a webcam as fuel is added to the tank.
19: ultimately rooted in sadism - Why I like to troll stupid pages on Facebook.
20: Craigslist job hunt - And why it's a pleasant website to use.
21: robot rent-a-cops of Facebook - The limits to free expression on a site controlled by a single commercial interest.
22: Punta Cana - Off to a tropical vacation.
23: out of the sun except to piss - Reading, drinking, and pissing in the Dominican Republic.
24: lobster sty - Unwanted lobsters as big as housecats and an infection on the rim of my eye. Also, a woman with large breasts and her proud shutterbug husband.
25: chaos at the Presidente tap - Another tricky day being vegan at the all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.
26: moonlit walk in the Dominican Republic - Also a beer drinking contest and a few power outages.
27: long trip from the Carribean - Multiple delays and ineffective Ambien plague our journey back to Hurley.
28: weak anniversary - Drained from our vacation, we don't bother to celebrate 12 years of being back together.