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Tuesday, February 19 2013
A wet snow fell throughout most of the day. Eventually nearly all of it melted away, though the slush that still remained after dark eventually froze into an dense-but-crunchy quarter-inch-thick glaze that will probably persist until a serious thaw comes through.

This evening I was jacked up on caffeinated tea (but no alcohol) when I had a dialog with myself on a Facebook thread attached to a picture whose wording read More Taxes Are Not the Solution. This belonged to a "cause" page called For America. Because there are always readers of this site standing at the ready to inform Facebook that I am breaking their terms of service by maintaining separate identities, I will not use the identities' actual names. Identity One and Identity Two are good enough for this illustration:

Identity One: If we go back to the big tax ways of the Clinton years, we might go back to the ruined economy of the 1990s. Does anyone remember those years? Nobody had a job at all. It was a lost decade. I think there were some grave diggers employed for all the suicides, but that was about it.

Bobbi Schrunk: Try LESS SPENDING instead of higher taxes...another thing you could do is give less money (a LOT LESS) to other countries...& try helping the American people out!! They are the ones you are supposed to be helping instead of trying to dictate them!!!

David Way: if the waste was cut out of our budget each year, as reported by the feds (GAO or CBO) we wouldn't need any tax increases!!!

Identity One: People need to stop paying their taxes and start shooting government employees. That is what the 2nd Amendment was written to encourage. Really, don't waste your time reading the rest of the Constitution, since only the 2nd Amendment matters. It basically says you can shoot anyone who gets in your way, sort of like the Terminator. It really makes things easy. 1. Buy a gun. 2. Shoot people you don't like. 3. You get your way! Awesome!!

Identity Two: Omigod, Identity One, you are genius and a Constitutional Scholar! I'm never going to wait in line at the DMV ever agaiN!

John Rogers: States that dont have taxes are more successful then states that do, Case in point California has the highest taxes and unemployment Texas has the lowest.

Identity One: John -- you are SO RIGHT about California. It's a hellscape pockmarked with craters and smoking, abandoned buildings. Why? TAXES. There are no jobs there, no industries of any type. Can you think of even one industry or economic sector in California? I didn't think so. Mississippi is SO MUCH MORE economically diverse. Also, they know how to keep their darkies in line!!

Identity Two: Why do you think God is punishing us with Obama? Could it be that God is actually Muslim? Maybe we need to study the Bible better and see if it might actually be wrong and the Koran might be right. It blows my mind, but clearly God is furious with us about something!!

Identity Two: Also, God sent that meteor at Russia AFTER it quit being communist. God also sent a meteor that blew up a big part of Siberia just BEFORE it became communist. Could this mean that GOD IS A COMMUNIST? It's all starting to make sense, because Obama is a communist. Connect the friggin dots and BE SCARED -- VERY SCARED!

Identity Two: Also -- God might be in favor of Gun Control. Remember, people, there is no mention of guns in the Bible -- so we have to assume God does not like them. You would think Jesus would have had a gun if God had wanted him to have one, because Jesus could make a stick into a gun if he wanted to. But he never did for some reason.

Identity Two: Yeah, Jesus was all about turning water into wine so people could get drunk, but a more important act would have been to turn sticks into AK-47s and Uzis. And yet he never did. Does anyone have an explanation that doesn't make God into a anti-gun deity?

Identity Two: I'm just hoping a lost book of the Bible is found that is more supportive of our rights to own and carry guns. I know it's in the 2nd Amendment, which is important, but I like a more solidly Biblical basis for my Constitution -- since BOTH were written by God.

Identity One: Who cares if it's in the Bible or not? The point is that the Second Amendment says that IF YOU HAVE A GUN you can pretty much ignore what the government says. And when they come for you, you just shoot them and bury them in an earthen dam right next to the wetbacks who won't be taking anyone's jobs any more.

Identity Two: Wow, that's some harsh medicine when it comes to our porous border, Identity One. But you raise a good point -- the Second Amendment can be used to fix just about any problem in public policy.

Identity One: D@mn straight, Identity Two. There are other things the Second Amendment allows me to fix in my spare time, such as the overabundance of barking dogs in my neighborhood. I'm not a big fan of cats either, though I love to make banjos.

Identity Two: I heard you got a new silencer for your AR-15, so now you can dispense justice in silence, is that true Identity One? Perhaps you could do something about the jack-booted building inspector who has told me that the footings on the pillars of my new deck aren't buried deep enough.

Maryellen Spence: Identity Two. Do u think there shld b an 11th commandment? ,"Thou shld not carry guns"?

Identity One: Identity Two, I think you should seek your own Second Amendment remedies while I seek out mine.

I don't know why I find trolling such fora so addictive. I suspect, though, that what I'm doing is ultimately rooted in sadism; the people posting are, for the most part, so stupid and inarticulate that what I'm doing is a little like dumping water into an ant hill (although I have too much empathy for actual ants to ever do such a thing). It's also a little like beating "people" up in Grand Theft Auto; the roboticness and predictability of their rage against Obama and gun control doesn't pass the Turing Test.

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