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   March 2018

01: drinking solidly for six fucking hours - Another record happy hour.
02: shame at Lincoln Center - A woman makes the mistake of trying to claim seats that did not belong to anyone.
03: brownout - Interesting things happen when the voltage at the wall outlet is only 44.
04: punishing sieve of reality - Sometimes books are better read then listened to being read.
05: end of abstinence - I'm talking about caffeine. My sex life has not improved.
06: mystery horn - Neville jealously guards an unusual part of a cow.
07: painful job with an imprecise multitouch interface - Trying to do complicated email construction using a smartphone (even with a bluetooth keyboard) is no fun at all.
08: Schrödinger's Janet - A freak accident in the driveway kills our favorite and youngest cat.
09: recovery in New Paltz - Youthful drinkers in a loud venue with good veggie burgers do much to lift our mood.
10: ugly runs deep in Paramus, New Jersey - It's not just Route 17 that grates on the eyeballs.
11: unfrozen ground beneath the snow - Burying Janet the Cat.
12: the value of procrastination - Nassim Nicholas Taleb yet again opens my eyes to a hidden truth.
13: third nor'easter of March, 2018 - The weakest one yet.
14: purple Oscar majesty - A flurry of white paint strokes.
15: Fridays and Sundays - Seem to disproportionately bring people down.
16: flavorless brown powder - What to do about a cook who puts cumin in everything.
17: Nexafed - There goes my dream of becoming Walter White.
18: back before Germany was made great again - Stories from a Italian POW in a camp in Germany during WWI.
19: what little remains of his mind - Addicted to the news coming out of the rampaging our our infant-in-chief.
20: ginormous baby - The first day of Spring in 2018, and I'm eating the snub-nosed scissors of pseudoephedrine.
21: wonder drug that fixes - Neville's latest lump is being treated by tramadol. Also, a spicy memo.
22: springlike song of a Carolina wren - It certainly sounded springlike to me.
23: invading the annex - With no usable firewood left in the main part of the woodshed, I'm forced to get firewood from the annex so our house sitter will have something to burn.
24: window and aisle - A clever hack gives us a spare seat on our flight across the Atlantic.
25: crawling with human-interested microbes - We arrive in Budapest, and Gretchen notes my germophobia.
26: learning how to vomit - A bad combination at dinner compels Gretchen to master the art of self-induced vomitting at age 47.
27: matzo in Budapest - Also a sex store and a synagogue. Then we board our cruise ship.
28: the problem with communist modernism - In Osijek, I realize that without capitalism, concrete architecture is distilled charmless drabness.
29: friend of a friend in Belgrade - We hang out with a farmed-animal-rescue-obsessed person in Belgrade.
30: jackdaws at Iron Gates - Passing through the first locks of the trip.
31: abandoned in Bucharest - What can happen when you're 90 seconds late.