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   April 2018

01: Ukranian Venice - The dogs, cats, and canals of Vylkove.
02: the jacks of Constanța - Sharing a bottle of wine in a Romanian city on the Black Sea.
03: antidote to the ubiquity of the selfie - A little crumbling Danube town in Bulgaria.
04: returning to find springtime - As one goes west on the Danube, the climate becomes milder.
05: crack is whack in Novi Sad - I manage to purchase a beer at a store in small Serbian city.
06: Mohács blend - I just wanted to say that. A day in a smallish city in southern Hungary on the last full day of the vegan cruise.
07: iron shoes and pálinka - The last day in Budapest.
08: three movies and a sick skinny Scot - Crossing the Atlantic with a sick stranger trapped in the window seat.
09: imperfect capitalism - The price of Gretchen telling her doctor to fuck off might've literally been insanity and sleeplessness.
10: recuperation teevee - Gretchen is still sick with whatever she caught on the boat.
11: first phoebe of 2018 - Also, Gretch goes to work sick and I make some secret comments.
12: alluded to its existence - I find a picture of Jessika where she looks like a distracted supermodel.
13: resource guarding crisis - Neville the Dog bites Gretchen three times.
14: Rite of Spring - On a cold spring day, we watch Bard students execute a near-flawless performance of Stravinsky's most famous work.
15: not yet enough matzo pizza - Also, the Tibetan Center still has nothing good even after a three week absence.
16: sleepy time options - Gretchen re-ups her ambien supply.
17: essential contemporary uselessness - What I like to read in the bathtub these days.
18: protect me from myself - When staying up after taking ambien, it's best to not be near good communication technology.
19: drunken teevee - Drunk from happy hour, I watch an episode of Wild Wild Country.
20: mystery wire in the four twenty forest - I don't actually smoke any pot, but I do find some strange artifacts.
21: day devoured by a pi-shaped cable - My compulsive desire to fix things gets the better of me yet again.
22: deprocrastination - Once I undetake one long-procrastinated project, I undertake another.
23: ambulance chaser chasers - At a law office for some reason.
24: not doing independent study in the forest - A lumber run on a nice spring day that the dogs don't take advantage of.
25: wet pile of pinecones - Today I learn that a wet pinecone takes up less volume than a dry one.
26: phoebe flexibility - Maybe this year they will build a nest at the greenhouse.
27: grunge golden age on YouTube - Today I learn that a wet pinecone takes up less volume than a dry one.
28: chosen to waste their shade - Also, a hail storm east of Woodstock, NY.
29: hand problems - Me, Ramona, and Clarence all have problems with out hands and/or feet.
30: lingering March cool - Also, SMB never seems to work reliably on non-Windows clients.