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   May 2018

01: crust too sweet - I didn't really notice, but Gretchen did.
02: demotivating - In a couple realms, I feel demotivation (with a heavy scoop of anger). And Ramona isn't happy either.
03: Diane the Kitten - A mulligan with a black kitten.
04: east winds in Hurley - They blew powerfully tonight, though they're more common as a gentle thing.
05: Cinco de Mayo, 2018 - Early May is not to be missed in the Catskills, though those little annoying flies that get in your face are out in force.
06: Dianee has run of the house - Also, why the Slavs refer to a bear as a medved.
07: sometimes the best saw is a chainsaw - Even when cutting dimensional lumber.
08: Diane and the east deck wrens - They have short necks and are building a nest. Also, Diane plays with a corgi.
09: not quite the roof rack limit - Long dimensional lumber, Fritos, tramadol, and ambien.
10: Jack and Diane - Two black critters playing the best that they can.
11: first lawnmowing of 2018 - Also, I fix a lawnmower and take some kratom.
12: kids and a kitten - Three houseguests bringing six bagels, I gather roadside firewood, and field some crazy internet shit.
13: brother's concern about the state of my head - I talk to my brother for the first time in nearly five years.
14: over eight hours of self-guided dog adventure - By the time the dogs return from their morning walk today, it's dinner time.
15: mixed-race couples at the Olympic Diner - Also, we attend a screening of a movie our friend Peter made back in the 1990s.
16: unlucky woodchuck - Ramona kills him and hangs out by his corpse all day before eating him. Also, the fussy house across the street is once more for sale.
17: keep them from flopping up and down with every bump - Driving home from Home Depot with sixteen foot two by eights on my Subaru roof.
18: falling with the ladder - A minor workplace accident at the site of the new screened-in porch.
19: lost in a familiar ShopRite - I can't find where they keep the tempeh after their multi-million-dollar facelift.
20: torn between two dogs - Being on dog duty with two leashed dogs at a party is no fun.
21: 1000 pounds of ash - I wrestle a very large piece of wood into the Subaru.
22: complex catbird songs north of the house - For some reason catbirds rarely venture south of the house, where the real forest begins.
23: laser on formerly-sundrenched surfaces - Using a laser to make sure the roof of the screened-in porch is square.
24: postcard party - An event for a state-level senate candidate.
25: collar tie rigidity - The screened-in porch makes a small step forward that feels a bit like a giant leap.
26: not failing at life - Cutting away more clapboards from the house, starting the garden, and drinking Tecate with lime.
27: thwoorping aluminum - Installing 14 feet of flashing and being miserable while doing so.
28: like it was in a 14 foot bending break - Jacking up a 14 foot two by ten behind a piece of aluminum flashing.
29: a technique I'd considered but never attempted - I cut a slot in the head of a stripped lag bolt and use a screwdriver to successfully remove it.
30: where the birdsmouth needs to be - Beginning the measuring of rafters.
31: inevitable errors in really manifest - The ordeal of cutting rafters in an imperfect world.