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   June 2018

01: hadn't vaporized Poughkeepsie - A terrifyingly loud, rolling thunderclap.
02: chided on my footwear - Wearing flip flops in the Home Depot lumber aisle.
03: rhythm of the rafters - I decide to cut all the rafters custom, and it proves to be a good idea.
04: bad gasses in the laboratory - My attempt to unplug the laboratory urinal produces a toxic gas that sends me fleeing to the greenhouse.
05: 20 psi solution - With sufficient pressure, I managed to flush out my clogged urinal.
06: two bear incidents, one bear - I keep hearing frantic barking in the forest.
07: pokeweed taproot - Why that pokeweed in your garden is impossible to destroy.
08: shiny patinas on the leaves - Urine accumulates on the vegetation when it doesn't rain. Also: blocking between rafters above a girder.
09: twists in the straps - How to keep your strapped-down load from driving you insane as you drive.
10: soy curls and an Instant Pot - Trying out two new products.
11: good to know - Now that we needed her to back us up, she wasn't going to be helpful.
12: a serious lack of awareness - When I don't turn the light off in the laboratory, it's clear ambien had turned off my brain.
13: connecting the dots of doom - I get an opportunity to make a case to The Organization's board, though the price is termination.
14: Thursday bloody Thursday - I get fired, but so too do three other people.
15: sleep after more than 30 hours of awake - Off to Mexico, unemployed.
16: better food outside the resort - While it's been hard to assemble a vegan meal at the resort, there are a couple vegan restaurants within walking distance.
17: in Mexico as it wins - Also, my Family-Circus-loving niece checks out the Dysfunctional Family Circus.
18: crappy reefs of Cozumel - But a great Mexican restaurant.
19: vegan junkfood and the streets of Playa del Carmen - At Comet 984, a vegan junkfood diner.
20: a serious lack of awareness - When I don't turn the light off in the laboratory, it's clear ambien had turned off my brain.
21: good, polite behavior among Mexican street dogs - Aggressiveness and begging will soon put you on the bad side of humans with the power to shorten your life. Also, taking Mexican ritalin.
22: White Castle in Queens - On the way back from Mexico, we interrupt our road trip to have an impulse meal.
23: talking as the threat is diminishing - The wordless method for retrieving the dogs from a treed bear really works well for all concerned, though I would like the bear to be comfortable with my voice.
24: missing the Zena Road intersection - A weird feeling in my sinuses, meeting friends to discuss my firing, and having trouble driving home in the rain.
25: Diane gets spayed - She also demonstrates mastery of the pet door.
26: sickest I've been in over two years - Deviled by that condition that started in my sinuses and crept down into my throat.
27: too sick to care about Kennedy - Bedridden when Kennedy announces that Donald Trump will appoint his succesor.
28: good enough for happy hour - I'm not fully-recovered, but I'm feeling spry enough to jump on a videochat with former colleagues.
29: wanting to be lying on my side doing nothing - Beliefs that I was done with my illness are dashed by a need to return to bed.
30: new things with which I could pad my resume - I change my web-surfing habits for this phase of history and my life.