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Saturday, June 30 2018
I was definitely not feeling 100% today, though I was objectively better. I was still coughing up nasty chunks of phlegm on a regular basis, but I didn't have a fever and was comfortable sitting upright for long periods (at least initially).
As usual for a Saturday, Gretchen and I had our customary coffee in the living room. Instead of reading the depressing news of Donald Trump's hunt for the a horrible Supreme Court pick (or web pages about nostalgic, useless technologies) today my web surfing was mostly about learning new things with which I could pad my resume. I found a very useful page about ES6 (the new, improved Javascript) and then spent some time absorbing more of what I could about Node.js, the server-side Javascript that seems to be requirement for so many jobs these days.
This afternoon Gretchen went into Kingston to participate in one of many rallies being held nationwide against Donald Trump's fascist immigration policy. Meanwhile I managed to take the dogs on a short loop through the forest, though they abandoned me early in it and stayed out for awhile after I returned home. By then, the day had turned into something of a scorcher, and all I wanted do was lie in bed beneath a rapidly-rotating ceiling fan. I fell asleep this way and awoke feeling a bit weaker. Your body tells you when it is healthy and when it is not, and good indication of this is whether or not you want to lie in bed even after you're properly rested. By that standard, I was still sick. I was back to watching Key & Peele sketches on my laptop in bed. By this evening, my temperature had risen to 100.3, which is just below the threshold of a real fever.

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