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Saturday, June 2 2018
After Saturday morning coffee, Gretchen was back in Manhattan again, this time at some event for Willow Books, the publisher of her latest collection of poetry. Meanwhile, I was making another run to Home Depot. Some redneck with a gun had been firing monotonously down at the bus turnaround with a big gun that sounded like it was either fully automatic or was equipped with a bump stock. What an asshole! So I drove down Dug Hill Road, I leaned on my Subaru's horn to express my fury.
Today's mission to Home Depot was mostly for metal connective tissue needed in light construction (various sheet metal joist interfaces and flat-headed screws mostly, though also a pair of eight foot two by eights for use in making inter-rafter blocking). It was a warm day and I was wearing the cheap $2 flip flops I'd bought more than a year ago in Tulum, Mexico. One of the burly old-timers working in the Home Depot (he looks like he was drawn by Bruce Eric Kaplan) chided me on my footwear, saying I should wear something else in the "lumber yard." He then added that if I were to drop something on my foot, I'd be "done." I was momentarily annoyed, but the kratom tea in my travel mug had me going through a phase of indifference. "Yeah, you're right," I agreed.
Back at the house, I managed to install two rafters before falling into a terrible psychological funk, most of which turned on whether or not I'd left enough room beneath the flashing for the seams in the standing seam roofing we're contemplating installing on the roof of the screened-in porch. It will all depend on whether or not those seams can be folded over, which some internet resources suggested was an acceptable thing to do. (I suspect my mental state was related to the fact that I was coming down off the kratom).
This evening, I nerded out mostly about the Apollo Guidance Computer. I watched some vintage footage about the computer created in the 1960s as well as a contemporary look back on how important the development of that system was for the development of modern computer science.

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