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Friday, June 8 2018
The sun came out and it was a bit warmer today than it had been. It's had been cool and cloudy for a surprisingly long time given the time of year. But it hasn't been rainy either. I've become aware of this because the urine I caually spray on the vegetation near the porch project has been accumulating, leaving shiny patinas on the leaves and creating a cloying stench that might be a little hard to place if you didn't know what it was.
Today on that porch project, I finished all the inter-rafter blocking above the eastern girder. This was trickier than it might've otherwise been due to presence of the occasional collar tie above the girder in some of the inter-rafter bays. I'd taken out some of the collar ties that were no longer needed to support makeshift scaffolding, but the ones that remained (and will remain) required special cuts in the blocking. When one considers the fact that collar ties and rafters are rarely perfecting orthogonal to the structures they rest upon, getting all the shapes to match up was tricky (and required the occasional persuasive force of a sledgehammer). A couple of the blocks cracked around in response, but it didn't really matter given that their function was almost entirely non-structural (though they do solidify the rafters in their positions and provide a little support at a contour for the plywood running on top of them).


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