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   Diane gets spayed
Monday, June 25 2018
Today was a gorgeous summer day, with perfect temperatures and clear, dry air. But I was fearing that I might be coming under the weather. The problem in my sinuses from yesterday had intensified a bit, making it feel as though there was maybe some shattered glass packed in there. At some point I heated up some salt water and inhaled it up into my nose, spitting it out when it came down the back of my throat into my mouth. That seemed to work, at least for a time.
Mwanwhile Gretchen took tiny Diane to the local Ulster County SPCA to have her spayed. At some point this afternoon, a replacement for our living room couch came, meaning that Gretchen and I had to drag our old (and amazingly durable) 16 year old couch out to the street, where it joined its matching chairs and ottoman, all of which have been out there since before we went to Mexico (and been rained on multiple times). Nobody seems interested in them, despite the sign reading "free."
When Gretchen brought Diane home this evening, she'd been told not to let her outside. The fear was that she might still be disoriented from the anæsthetic and get lost. So we closed the front door, assuming she had yet to master the pet door. That proved to be an incorrect assumption. When she escaped a second time through the pet door, we figured she had her wits about her enough that she was not going to be getting lost.
Throughout the day, I continued with the ritual of sending out resumes and checking in with my diaspora. But with all that I've been sending out, there's been a depressingly small amount coming back. I awoke this evening from a nap feeling a bit drpressed, though it helped to do a few little skill-building exercises: teaching myself some Python basics and installing node.js so I can talk competently about that should the need arise.

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