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   a serious lack of awareness
Tuesday, June 12 2018
I'd taken an ambien before going to sleep last night, which was probably a bad idea (because who knows what I might ambien-post in the various social media accounts that I have access to; see the sad case of Roseanne Barr). I awoke in the middle of the night on the couch in the teevee room. I'd left the light on in the laboratory, which suggests a serious lack of awareness. Happily, when I checked all the places I could've posted stuff, I hadn't posted anything.
I was feeling weird from the ambien and the drinking and the strange emotional damage rendered by yesterday in the remote workplace, so I decided to make a run to the Home Depot just to put a different activity into my conscious brain space. I bought a couple more sixteen foot two by fours and four more eight foot two by fours, as well as about fifteen more of those inter-rafter metal struts, since they really help with firming up the surface of a roof.
I had trouble focusing on work today, and spent a fair amount of time down in the covered porch, mostly filling tiny gaps where mosquitoes might slip through once the screen is installed. I also began preparing the void beneath the roof on the south end to receive a long triangular piece of screen.
Meanwhile Allison found herself in a disciplinary meeting with Matt that was ostensibly about her unprofessional behavior, though it was probably more directly related to her resistance to the plan to migrate our CRM to some other platform. This had me wondering why I wasn't getting the same treatment, since yesterday I'd emailed everyone on the board. By the end of the workday, I was feeling a lot better because it turned out the board meeting would be about hiring a consultancy to explore a CRM migration, which is at least one more decision away from something dangerous than I had feared.

This evening Gretchen made an Asian noodle dish featuring soy curls, and we ate it out on the east deck. We also drank a couple Tecates with lime, since the weather seemed to call for that. Gretchen had been doing a lot of gardening, yard work, and cleaning in the house, saving me from having to do that stuff while I work at my day job and make progress on the porch.

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