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   hadn't vaporized Poughkeepsie
Friday, June 1 2018
There had been rain today, the kind that fell straight down, with no wind or electrical activity, and it was mostly over by this evening. At that point, thicker clouds piled in and then there an incredibly loud roar of thunder that sounded like something exploding (and continuing to do so for a long time afterwards). By the end there, it sounded like someone with a big piece of metal roofing shaking it violently. It was like no thunder I had ever heard before, and it was so terrifying that my pulse quickened. What was odd about such loud thunder was that there had been no flash of lightning, so how could it be that loud if it must've come from far away? I actually checked the CNN website to make sure a North Korean nuke hadn't vaporized Poughkeepsie (16 miles to the southeast).
Meanwhile, Gretchen had wanted to go somewhere to see the 2014 remake of Annie, but in the end she'd decided to make us veggie burgers (served with Tecate beers out on the east deck) and have me download the movie from Bittorrent. This version of Annie teases us initially with a little girl (named Annie!) with curly red hair and the plaid outfit of an orphan. But no, the heroine of this remake is African American. In the end, though, Gretchen found the movie a poor substitute for earlier versions (among other things, there was something wrong with the new versions of the songs), so she asked for me to download the next latest version before that one, which would be a version from 1982.

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