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Thursday, June 7 2018
On the porch project, I finished the highest tranche of plywood sheathing, meaning that now 14 by eight feet of the roof (more than half) is sheathed. The last of the tranche today was a two-foot-wide section, but I made a very bad measurement, accidentally cutting a trapezoidal shape that ranged in width from 23.75 inches to 22.75 inches. This may cause me to have to buy a whole extra sheet of plywood. Had I not made that mistake, the roof's sheathing would've only required seven sheets.

This afternoon, Gretchen went on a watering and weeding jihad in the garden. She focused particular wrath on a pokeberry (or pokeweed) plant growing in the garden's southeast corner. It's been there for years, and on several occasions I've allowed it to grow to full size. Gretchen went to dig it up by its roots, but this soon proved a bigger challenge than expected. It had several enormous taproots, one at least as thick as her arm and, it turned out, about four feet long. It snaked down to the bedrock and then went sideways. Fortunately, it didn't have many rootlets attached to it, so with sufficient digging and force, we managed to tear the whole thing out. I had Gretchen pose with it, partly for scale.

Gretchen with the uprooted pokeweed.

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