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   wanting to be lying on my side doing nothing
Friday, June 29 2018
In the aftermath of yesterday's rains, today was warmer and humid. I assumed I would remain on my healing trajectory, perhaps being fully recovered by the end of the day. But alas, that wasn't to be. I'd sit on my desk for a time only to realize that I really needed to be in bed. So I'd get in bed and try to do things on a laptop, only to realize that I really wanted to be lying on my side doing nothing. I began checking my temperature at some point and was distressed to see it rising again, peaking somewhere above 101. I was forced to take capsules of dextromethorphan just to keep my coughing to when I wanted to do it. Such coughing has been very productive, producing large lumps of greenish-yellow mucous. Despite my disappointment at still being sick, I can at least be thankful that the sore throat is mostly gone. This makes real sleep possible, and real sleep seems to be essential in the healing process.

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