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   talking as the threat is diminishing
Saturday, June 23 2018

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York, United States of America

This evening Gretchen made a delicious cilantro-heavy pasta dish. It was a bit hard to place geographically, though it seemed kind of Mexican to me.
Gretchen had taken the dogs on a walk at an unusual time early this evening, and this probably accounted for their treeing of a bear east of the swamp that runs along the east side of the Farm Road. I heard them off in the distance barking and knew immediately what they were up to. So I grabbed two leashes and retrieved them. The bear was enormous and high up in the tree, lounging somewhat in the support of several branches. He looked like he could've stayed there for hours. I couldn't tell whether or not he was that same long-snouted bear from several weeks ago. I wordlessly dragged the dogs away, talking to them only when the bear had a clear avenue for escape. I wanted the bear not to feel threatened by my voice, so I figured that if I talked as the threat was diminishing, it might train the bear to have less fear of my voice. But it hardly matters; the approach of leashing the dogs while saying nothing has proven so effective that I'm no longer particularly stressed-out by the chore of retrieving the dogs from beneath a treed bear.

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