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   sickest I've been in over two years
Tuesday, June 26 2018
I awoke today with the sniffles and an occasional cough, though that weird feeling in my sinuses was gone. Perhaps I'd turned a corner and was on the mend? I certainly didn't want to waste time being sick in this crucial period of my life.
Meanwhile in my job hunt, I finally got a couple of leads, though how good they are remained to be seen. Still, it took some of the edge off my funk and made me determined to power through the bullshit to the next stage of my life. For some reason, Gretchen made me a list of things I should try to accomplish today. These included such simple items as putting wire cages around the tomatoes in the garden and fixing a beautiful bowl broken by (allegedly) one of our cats while we were in Mexico and more complex ones like applying for unemployment.
Meanwhile, things still keep happening that were arranged back when I had a job and that seem needlessly extravagant now. Yesterday it was the arrival of a replacement of our 16 year old couch. Today it was a guy assessing our kitchen to determine how it might be completely remodeled. He was here for awhile, bouncing ideas off Gretchen and taking lots of measurements. I came through at one point and advised the guy not to shake my hand because I was "full of disease."
This afternoon Gretchen went out to the brick mansion to try to rent the attic apartment a second time. Dani, the talkative stage director of arena shows, had already broken her lease, putting $2000 of free money into our account.
I also went into town, mostly to vote in the Democratic primary (though, when I looked at the ballot, I had no idea who it was Gretchen had told me we were voting for). I also went out to Herzog's just to get some high-quality Superglue with which to fix that shattered bowl. By this point it was pretty clear that my illness was worsening. When I got home, I went directly to bed and pretty much only got up to piss. When Gretchen returned, she announced that she'd rented the apartment (starting July 1), charging $50 more per month than the rate Dani had been willing to pay before flaking out.
By this evening, my throat was decidedly sore and I was clearly running a fever. Gretchen kept fetching me things I needed, particularly fruit juice and medication. All I could really do was lie there. I was already the sickest I've been in over two years.

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