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Sunday, July 1 2018
Gretchen wanted a do-over of yesterday's Saturday morning coffee experience. Yesterday she hadn't had her preferred creamer and had been forced to use a shelf-stabilized vegan creamer in eco-unfriendly packaging. Since, for Gretchen, decaf is usually preferrable to caffeinated (since she likes the flavor but dislikes the speedy effects), we made a frenchpress of decaf. For my part, though, I needed my maintenance dose of caffeine. I was feeling pretty low-energy and I was still frequently hacking up big chunks of phlegm, so it seemed best not to overextend myself today.
Nevertheless, my health steadily improved and I got a lot done today. For one thing, I finished writing the entire backlog of my online journal. I try not to bore people with the details of the journal writing itself, but at this point it's compulsion that I force myself to do. And as long as I'm doing it, at least I have that (no matter what else happens to be falling apart in my life). For many years prior to late 2013, I usually wrote entries two days after they actually happened. At that point I switched to doing it the day after they happened, which continues to today. There are many exceptions to this pattern, particularly when big complicated days happen or I am on vacation. Being fired and then going on vacation definitely set me back, but never more than by a week and a half. Catching up on my writing today meant writing all the entries from June 22 through June 30: nine days. I think that's some sort of record. True, many of those entries were brief because I was sick and not doing much other than trying not to swallow too often. But it's real work to drop into the mindset of every day and report on it.
Today proved to be as hot, if not hotter, than yesterday. By the end of my writing jihad, I was taking occasional brief showers just to wet my hair so the fan overhead would have something to evaporate.
Another big accomplishment today included responding to and fixing a long-procrastinated bug list from my keywording client Alex (and only surviving client from before I worked for The Organization). There were also some gardening tasks and I even washed the pile of dishes languishing in the sink. I could tell Gretchen was eager for my chore-doing to resume.

This evening Gretchen and I decided to sleep in the basement to avoid the oppressive heat. The only problem with that plan was the humidity; in the basement, the much-cooler conditions was wringing the water out of the air and onto any available surfaces, particularly the vinyl flooring (where it felt disgusting underfoot). It also put the smell of mold in the air. Ramona and I didn't much mind that, but it was a dealbreaker for Gretchen, who ended up sleeping in the living room (one floor overhead).

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