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Saturday, July 28 2018
This morning, I found a ripe red grape tomato in the garden, the first of the season. Katydids nearly always beat tomatoes, though this year they hadn't done so by much.
Today I resumed work on installing electrical conduit and cable in the screened-in porch, though I soon decided that I needed a proper metal electrical box to hang the ceiling fan from. The box needed to be a round outdoor electrical box, and surprisingly I didn't have any. So this necessitated a drive into Uptown. I took the Prius so I could listen for a strange dragging sound that Gretchen had reported. I heard it immediately; it was loudest when the car was moving slowly. An examination of the car in the Herzog's parking lot revealed a disproportionate amount of heat coming from the rear driver's side wheel's brake drum and calipers. I could also see tiny flecks of ground-up metal. This suggested that the calipers were dragging on the drum, which would be a cheaper problem than a failing wheel bearing. Back at the house, I reported the problem to Gretchen and told her to take the Subaru for the rest of the weekend's errands.
I spent most of the afternoon installing the rest of the porch's electrical system, including a handy duplex outlet in its northeast corner. The resulting work was delightfully concise and neat. The only thing that might've been better would've been less bowing in some of the PVC conduit. I hadn't even needed to use any conduit support brackets; all the attachment to adjacent carpentry had been done via screws inside the electrical boxes and condulets.
That was such a big and satisfying accomplishment that I celebrated with a beer, the drinking of which I interrupted to paint much of the remaining unpainted surfaces on the exterior of the porch. Later I fired up the copy of Terminator 2: Judgment Day on my media server. Sadly, I'd obtained that copy back before HD movies were much of a thing, and I found the DVD rip disappointingly low-def. Evidently I'm spoiled from all the HD content now available for free.

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