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Thursday, July 19 2018
Today down in the screened-in porch, I fixed a bad hole in one of the floor planks using a mixture of sawdust, wood chips, and Gorilla Glue. The combination swelled up into a seething dome of Gorilla Glue bubbles that I tamped down numerous times. When it hardened up and became a bit less like a science fair project, I used the oscillating tool to trim off the mound. What remained in the hole I'd filled resembed particleboard, something I could easily paint over. Later in the day I would paint the entire floor of the porch using just a single wide brush.
I was doing a few other things simultaneously while occasionally dealing with the porch floor. I managed to finally get React.js to do some interesting things at my command. I also realized why it has to be compiled and run from Node.js in most development situations: things like JSX don't work in the browser and have to be compiled, and JSX is the very essence of React.js.
I also took some more measures in the ongoing household cleaning jihad. I attacked spots of mold growing on the closet doors in the basement's master guestroom and also on the ceiling and walls of the basement Gunther Room. Both rooms needed to be liveable (and largely spider-free) for Friday.

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