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   hangovers and jobless depression
Monday, July 16 2018
I had a fairly bad hangover today (I would rank it as bad mid-range hangover), and it was my third since being fired a month ago. The other two hangovers were also in recent days; there was actually a mild one yesterday and a mild one on Friday after the diaspora happy hour. It's actually surprising I haven't been drinking to the point of hangover more, given how depressed I have been feeling.
Today, though, was a good day. I had a phone screen with a project manager at an automotive supply business for a remote backend developer job, and, despite my hangover, I was charming enough to make it to the technical interview. Unfortunately, the earliest I could schedule the technical interview for was August 1st. But it still felt like progress, as did the applications for several jobs I sent out this morning. But once all that was done, I felt a bit rudderless.
In the afternoon, I did some further painting on the wooden strips from yesterday. This time I managed to finish, but then I had to quickly bring them inside when another thunderstorm came through the area.
Meanwhile, the floor of the screened-in porch has not had a chance to dry since I cleaned it. The tarps on the roof had been directing water down onto it, so today I redid how the tarps were attached so that they wouldn't do this. To keep water from flowning down the outside of the tarps and onto the floor, I had to pull all edges of the tarp away from the structure, and to do that I had to rely on ropes attached to objects out beyond the structure such as trees and other decks. This worked okay, but it could do nothing about rain driven by wind.

This evening Gretchen whipped up a surprisingly good meal using nothing but kale, beans, canned potatoes, and couscous. Wrapped in a flatbread, it made for a decent burrito. We watched the final episode of the first season of Barry with its shocking and amazing conclusion. We'd decided in the last episode that its informal name should be Breaking Good. But breaking good is hard, especially when you start out so bad to begin with.
Speaking of being bad, how about Trump's laughably treasonous show with Vlad Putin in Helsinki today? Has anyone ever seen Trump so obsequious-yet-puppetlike? The goods Putin has on Trump must be amazing. I'd been deliberately avoiding the news since Anthony Kennedy retired, but with the bonkers events of the last few days, I've become a news junkie once more.

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