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Thursday, July 5 2018
Today Gretchen and I drove out to Lowes together so I could get some 12 foot two by sixes for making a uniform "shelf" around the perimeter of the screened-in porch about three feet above its floor. While there, Gretchen and I also looked at ceiling fans, since it seemed prudent to include one in the porch. There were a lot of overly-folksy designs that both of us hated, but the problem with the retro-futuristic designs we prefer is that they might not be in keeping with the decor of an outdoor space such as a screened-in porch. Ultimately we went with an all-metal design, reasoning that it might provide a good contrast to all the wood grain of the porch itself. What would've been worst, we figured, was the faux wood-grain of the propellers of any of the less retro-futuristic designs.

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