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Thursday, July 12 2018
I managed to more or less finish the painting of the screened-in porch ceiling. It looks great in the chosen color, which is almost exactly the same shade as the needles of the white pines (which are responsible for most the visible palette beyond the porch).
This evening Gretchen whipped up a quick Mexican meal based on a delicious limey green sauce she made and some tempeh Susan had given us (because it was beyond its "best if used by" date). With some cubes of faux pepper-jack "cheese" and lettuce inside a toasted flatbread, it was delicious.
I joined the diaspora happy hour about five minutes late. For various reasons, only four of us were hanging out, but it managed to last until midnight my time (five hours!), during which I drank an obscene amount of alcohol. In the course of the happy hour, I learned an interesting thing: the most technically-knowledgeable member of The Organization's board is now making it known that technical decisions require input from people with actual technical knowledge. This seems to be belated acknowledgment of the truth of the things I said that resulted in my being fired. It's too late for me, but my truth lives on.
Cameron was the first to leave the happy hour. Apparently he's trying to cut back on his drinking. [REDACTED]

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