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Friday, July 27 2018
I thought the rains of recent days might be over, but I was wrong. A violent thunderstorm developed this afternoon featuring terrifying lightning strikes and thunder that sounded like massive explosions nearby. At least this time I remembered to cover a bucket of shit from the brownhouse. It had been open for all the other recent rains and was now nearly full of shitty water. A layer of scum on the surface remains dry enough to support various insect larvæ, which are constantly wriggling.

Down on the screened-in porch project, I installed the last of the plank "skirt" designed to conceal the skewed geometry of the floor decking. Once painted, it helped to make the outside look finished (or close to it).
Inside the porch, I began the work of electrifying it. I needed to install a ceiling fan and a duplex outlet, and all I had was some romex cable hanging out of hole high on the wall (it had been hanging there nearly a year and a half). Since there is no place to properly hide electrical cable in a structure as open as the porch, I'd decided to run the cable through PVC conduit. This would require a bunch of condulets (the little boxes that allow one to break the snaking of wire into straight sections with access to the ends of each). I installed one condulet, but then decided to stop, since I'd allowed Celeste the cat into Gretchen's library (where I have all my tools), and I didn't want to disturb her with the loud sound of cutting through conduit.

Despite last night's diaspora happy hour, I somehow had hangover-free day. I took 1.5 grams of guarana again, though this time I didn't feel much in the way of effects from it. Just before bed, I took six 470 mg capsules of Valerian root to see if it would help me sleep. It might've made me feel a little different, and it may have also made my dreams more interesting. But it didn't seem to help with falling asleep.

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