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Tuesday, July 10 2018
Today went similar to yesterday. There was some progress on the job hunt tempered with continued silence from the software shop across the Hudson. At some point I went down to the screened-in porch project and did what I could to replace a section of ripped screen in an old disembodied screen door that had come with the house (and which I intend to use as an external door on the porch). Then I did a fair amount of painting using some darker semi-gloss sage green paint Gretchen had bought today. We'd also decided the floor stain we'd gotten was too transparent and too blue, so she had a different color for that as well.
This evening at around 9:00pm, after watching another episode of Barry, Gretchen and I went again to the pool at the farm at the end of the Farm Road and did some swimming. Gretchen even got Ramona into the pool. For his part, Neville stayed away from the pool. He is much more resistant to the idea of getting into the pool than Ramona is. As late as it was, there was enough light in the sky (mostly diffused from overhead clouds spitting occasional droplets of drizzle) that we didn't require flashlights.

For the past couple nights, Ramona and Neville have been going out late at night to bark aggressively at something in the nearby forest. They don't use their "bear barks," so it's not that they are treeing anything. It's as if they sense the presence of something (coyotes?) and are warning them to stay away. In any case, it's annoying, and tonight I went out to get them in, with the pet door latched behind them. [Somebody, probably Neville, would struggle to get out that pet door anyway, and it would need repairs before it would be functional again.]

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