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   Celexa for situtational depression
Wednesday, July 18 2018
I took one of Gretchen's 20 milligram Celexa tablets today to see if it would help with my situational (unemployment-related) depression. At first it really seemed to. It actually felt a bit speedy, though not in any way I would want to pursue recreationally. Later in the day, though, it made me feel increasingly sick to my stomach, though this feeling could be mitigated by eating food. Interestingly, its negative sexual effects weren't much of a problem when watching porn. If anything, its suppressive effects on orgasm made the experience better than usual. All of these are things I remember from the other rare occasions when I've taken Celexa.
By the end of the day, I was back to watching retro-tech videos on YouTube, my semi-pathetic source of comfort for the past few weeks.

Dina and Gilaud would be coming on Friday, so at some point today I began a household cleaning jihad by cleaning the downstairs bathrooms and vacuuming extensively in the basement and first floor. Meanwhile Gretchen and Neville were off at the bookstore, and when they came home, there was no falafel. So we ended up eating a couple packaged meals from the freezer. Mine was a mediocre Thai vegetable curry with rice to which I added habañero sauce.

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