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Tuesday, July 17 2018
Gretchen has been getting up very late lately, and today by the time she took the dogs for their "morning" walk, it was already afternoon. She and dogs were caught in a torrential downpour and came home soaked. As always, Neville was the last to get back.
The thunderstorm was also intensely electrical, with many close strikes. One such strike killed the household internet. I quickly traced this to a failing gigabit ethernet switch. The switch itself was still okay, but its 12 volt wall wart was producing no voltage. I opened it up to discover a tiny transformer had a speck of missing plastic tape over its windings that had been blown off in a small explosion.

My main achievement for today was recaulking the upstairs bathtub. I wasn't too happy with the results, but Gretchen was delighted with my handiwork.

Tonight as I lay in bed, I heard the sound of the first katydid of the season. At this time of year when they are just starting out, they don't yet make the ominous "katydid, katydid" call that foretells the end of summer. Instead they make a sound more like "click click click zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz."

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